Gyeongsik Yang

Postdoctoral research associate
CSE Major
Network systems
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I am a postdoctoral research associate of Korea University, Seoul, Korea. My research interests include distributed deep learning systems, network virtualization, datacenter networking, and high-performance network systems.


Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering

Korea University

Advisor: Prof. Chuck Yoo
Dissertation: Programmable Network Virtualization for SDN-based Cloud Systems

MS. Computer and Radio Communications Engineering

Korea University

Advisor: Prof. Chuck Yoo

B.S. Computer Science and Engineering, Business Administration (Double Major)

Korea University

Graduate with Great Honor.

Selected Publications

(excluding papers submitted or under review)

A Case for SDN-based Network Virtualization

29th IEEE International Symposium on the Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS 2021)

Gyeongsik Yang, Changyong Shin, Yeonho Yoo, Chuck Yoo


Best Paper Award, IEEE Computer Society

Awarded by the The 33rd Conference on Information Networking for the paper entitled: "TALON: Tenant Throughput Allocation Through Traffic Load-balancing in Virtualized Software-defined Networks"

The Award of Excellence, Microsoft Research Asia

Awarded for the internship achievements at Microsoft Research Asia (Stars of Tomorrow)

Most Feasibility Award in MSRA Student TechFest 2018, Microsoft Research Asia

Participated based on the on-going project when I was a research intern at MSRA

Samsung HumanTech Paper Award (encouragement), Samsung Electronics

Awarded for the paper in "Communication & Networks" section (belongs to the top 122 among 1830 papers)

Top Paper Award, ACM

Awarded by the Cloud-Assisted Networking (CAN) workshop of CoNEXT' 16 for the paper entitled: "AggFlow: Scalable and Efficient Network Address Virtualization in Software Defined Networking"


Open-source softwawre contributor: Libera Network Hypervisor

Lead project contributor of global open-source project in collaboration with Open Networking Foundation Now maintaining OpenVirteX and Libera repositories - which have more than 80 stars

Research Intern. Microsoft Research Asia

Participated in Storage Cloud Project (Networking Research Group)

Mentor: Dr. Yongqiang Xiong and Dr. Peng Cheng

Teaching assistant. COSE322 System Programming, Korea University

Summarized the Networking stack design of operating system
Lectured the training session for Linux networking stack codes